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About Me

Hi! I'm Cori.

I am a high functioning introvert that spends most of my time outside of work either working on a fun new art project or exercising. You'll find me in the gym, training for a half-marathon, or learning a new active sport I'm probably bad at.


​I love trying new things and right now I am currently trying to grow a garden, but so far only my blackberry bush and squash plants are surviving (send me all the tips!).


​I like to call myself "Nerd Adjacent". I love things like D&D, fantasy books, and video games (although I'm SUPER picky... I'm a Zelda, Cult of the Lamb, Pokemon, and Harry Potter girl). I think Star Wars is boring (sorry, but it's just space politics) and I only know the name of a few Pokemon (Charmander is my OG), the rest I rate by how cute they are.​Nature is my happy place. I LOVE being outdoors whether thats going for a walk, SUPing on a lake, finding a new hiking spot, or simply stepping outside to check on my (very sad) garden.

I can't wait to meet you!

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